Shhhhh- It’s a Secret!


November is here! It is hard to believe we are into fall and racing toward winter here at the farm.  We are working hard to get everyone ready for winter, but decided to take time to play a bit before winter is upon us.  What better way to play than to have a party?

In honor of Faber’s first birthday we will open the barn for visitors for the last time this year.  We will open the barn Saturday, December 3rd at 10 am and close the doors at 2 pm. Faber has no idea what we are planning, so don’t let him know.  Make plans to come by and wish him a Happy Birthday, visit with all the critters , and share a bit of fun before the holidays.

We will have more details as the day approaches, and you KNOW we will have pictures of the birthday boy’s first year of life.  Keep checking in here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what we have in store for the big day!

We want to hear from you!

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