Hello, Spring 2023!

Happy Spring, friends!

There is so much happening around the farm. We are open for tours again after a long, hard winter. we are gearing up for Shearing Day, and opening weekend of the Not Your Average Farm Tour is right around the corner. So much to do!

Last year’s babies are growing up and turning into teenagers and experiencing all that comes with growing up- changing pastures, halter training, and so much more. We’ve lost a few pieces of our hearts, and gained a few. We’re planting and planning. Reorganizing and reimagining what our little slice of heaven can and will be. We are cleaning out, clearing room, and creating. We’re learning more to bring you more.

First on the list: Shearing 2023! All the alpacas and llamas will be sporting new do’s after April 18th. If you want to see the crew in full fiber, do it NOW because after the 18th they will be wearing their summer clothes! To book a tour to see the critters in their winter finest https://rockingchairfarmalpacas.com/schedule-a-visit/

Next up? Axes, Alpacas, and Wine: Not Your Average Farm Tour! The Not Your Average Farm tour kicks off the 2023 Season April 22-23. We’re hosting one tour per day at 1 pm sharp. The hosts have added a few things you haven’t seen before, so make plans to check it out! For more info: https://rockingchairfarmalpacas.com/notyouraveragefarmtour/

Keep your eyes on us for more fun! We’re planning BIG this year!

We want to hear from you!

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