April Showers bring…

***Just a warning- this post will be pic heavy!***



Spring CRIA!

Today was supposed to be herd health day.  One of the females had a different idea and decided that today would be a great day for a birthday.  I have to admit she was right!  Rocking Chair Farm would like to announce the birth of RCF Charlemagne’s Rebellion; Rebel to his friends.

Jillian delivered a beautiful baby boy late this morning under a beautiful blue sky.  The delivery was perfect in every way.  Farmer David was there for the big event, and Momma Christine was there once the little one was delivered and on the ground.  The little one was up and walking within the first hour of his birth and running after momma shortly thereafter.  He is nursing well, and he and momma are happy and healthy.  The herd has welcomed Rebel and all seem to be quite smitten with this little one.

Farmer David and I are a bit wiped out, so I’ll leave you with pictures; lots and lots of pictures of Rebel meeting the herd.

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