New Additions

WOW!  Who would have thought when we started the farm two years ago we would have 300+ Facebook followers and 200+ Instagram followers?  Not us, that’s for sure!  It humbles and amazes us that folks bring us into their busy lives on a regular basis and share our stories with their friends and families.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

In addition to our newest followers (did you see what I did there? In ADDITION?  I crack myself up sometimes) we have some new faces on the farm we would like to introduce.  First up- HTAF Happy Go Lucky aka Happy


Happy joined our herd just over two weeks ago as Faber’s new roommate.  Faber was at the age of weaning, so he needed to move from the pasture with the girls but he wasn’t quite big enough to move in with the guys, and he couldn’t live in a pasture all alone.  Happy to the rescue!   Happy was born in Oct of 2015, so he’s just a bit older than Faber.  Both boys have had lots of fun searching out their new pasture and barn and romping and playing together.

Up next- The Flock!


We are now home to a small flock of chicken!  At the end of May, we had three lovely Ameraucanas and four Rhode Island Reds join our growing farm.  The ladies had just feathered shortly before arriving, but as you can see from the picture above, they have grown quite a bit.  We also believe we may have a few gents in with the ladies, but that is yet to be confirmed.  I will try to get better individual pictures of the flock, but for now please welcome Lola, Ginger, Mocha, Taffy, Scarlett, Henry (almost 100% sure he is a Roo.) and Joe (97% sure he is a Roo).  Henry and Joe were originally called Henrietta and Josephine, but the boys were not very pleased with the more feminine sounding names.  Scarlett is a source of great curiosity here on the farm between Farmer David and myself.  He believes Scarlett is Scar.  Time will tell.

And finally –  The Barn is Complete!

Barn completion

The additions to the barn are finally complete!  Farmer David has worked very hard to get this done for the critters and it is finally done.  Everyone has a fully shaded area of the barn, complete with fans, to get out of the sun and heat!  Each area will also provide protection from wind, rain and the cold that will come with winter.  There is always more to do, but for now, Farmer David can rest and know his critters are comfortable in every type of weather.

Thank you again for allowing us into your lives and letting us share a bit of ours with you.  We appreciate the support more than you can imagine.  If you are able, please share our page with your friends and family and like our pages on social media.  You can find us on FACEBOOK  and  INSTAGRAM .  Until next time…


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