So What have you been doing?

Farmer David and I have been quite busy and updating the website has fallen to the last chore on the list.  To be honest, some days it doesn’t even make the list BUT the critters have given us an earful about being more responsible when it comes to the web page.  We, Farmer David and I, have made a promise to the crew to be more dutiful about it, so here’s a brief recap of what’s gone on:

  • Faber is growing like a weed (or an herb,depending on whether you talk to Farmer David or me).  He has met and then surpassed the 40 lb mark and is being halter trained at his own pace
  • Barn updates continue, and the boys are quite happy in their new additions!
  • We have a new addition to our farm.  We welcomed Ross, the barn kitty, to our place and he’s done a great job for us!
  • We are now the proud owner of a new to us tractor named Tilly.  We ran a contest on our FaceBook and Instagram pages to find a name for our new girl.  Tilly was the winner, but we did have some other interesting suggestions.
  • I have been learning to spin fiber thanks to our local guild, and have picked knitting and crochet back up.
  • The workers have been diligently creating their two main products: fiber and poo.  The paca poo is a wonderful soil amendment and creates rich, fine soil.  We have added what we need to our garden and are selling the rest.  We only have 7 scoops left!  $25.00/ half yard scoop.

As for the fiber, we will shear today!  I know the pacas are looking forward to being               much cooler.

  • Most of last year’s yarn and roving are sold, but we do have a few hanks of gorgeous yarn left.  I’ll try to remember to add pics later today 🙂

Here are a few photos to bring you up to speed:

faber snugglesbarn upgradeross the barn kittyTilly the tractorjust good dirt

More pics to come of today’s shearing.  If you are local and looking for something to do, we start at 5 and could always use an extra hand or two.  Give us a call and we will give you the details!

One more Faber pic just for good measure, and because he’s so darn cute!

halter training

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